Forbes Risk Management

  • Our philosophy is to start with the premise – do I actually need to insure this risk?
  • If you do then the question is how best can I manage those risks to ensure my people and  business are protected and I am not making regular claims; which will push up my premiums and cause me  uninsured hassle, such as increased administration and reputation damage
  • To get to this position Forbes will assist by doing a Business Risk Review to ensure your risk profile matches your insurance programme. This includes looking at the likely frequency and severity of your risks.
  • We often come across clients that have an ‘off the shelf’ insurance package that is not correctly matched to what they need.
  • Part of that process is to ask what economical steps, if any, can be taken to control this risk? For example if you are dependent on one supplier can you source another?
  • For many risks there remains little you can do and these are part of business life.
  • Once you have been through this process you are usually then left with the risks you need to transfer, either contractually or more usually by insurance.
  • Our knowledge encompasses the entire range of business risk from day to day operations through to strategic planning.
  • We will assist you in complying with your Corporate Governance obligations, incorporating risk management into your business planning and reducing the cost of your exposures.
  • Our services include:
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Professional Indemnity – minimising risk and responsibilty
  • Motor Risk Management
  • Fire and Security – prevention and enhancement
  • Aviation Safety Audits
  • Risk Management and Claims IT Solutions

For further information please see the attached guidance from the Institute Of Risk Management.

Contact us by email at or 0116 238 8874 for more information

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